'The Fallout'

Hey guys, Back again with another Gm_Atomic pose… I frecking love that map.


Here i was going for a re-creation of this picture, but then decided i couldint be bothered creating the houses and i improvised from there.


Compliments/Criticism is appreciated!

Wouldnt the grass be dead?

Posing is nice…

grass green in a gm_atomic map?? thats really odd, but nice picture

You should put some thread music would make staring at this even more beautiful. You captured the Re-creation perfectly.

The grass was abit of a turn off, maybe if it was dry, dead and abit more sparse then yea.

But now I get what you’r doing’

Aside from the grass, it’s pretty nice


Needs less grass.

But otherwise very sexy.

The grass is okay, but you can obviously see it’s just at the camera, nowhere else. Artistic.

Turn jpeg_quality up. It’s horrible! The picture is good, except for the low quality and the grass.

He’s walking out of the oasis.
(play fo3)

But the Oasis is surrounded by rocks.

maybe this is later if you choose to let the oasis grow



Thanks for all the comments btw guys! Much appreciated! Any more to come?