The fancy pyro and his bodyguard during an interview.

“MMmhpm mmhppm mhhheup Mmmhmp mmhahp mHmhhmhmmp, mhhhpm hmmpphmmm hmm hpmmfp”

  • “Its not that I have to kill somebody every now and then, its just that I don’t like them.”

My entry for the fancy-contest. Because Criminals can be fancy too.

his fingers look really weird


both of them have weird finger posing

Thread music.

Awesome picture.

It’s kinda dark, but very atmospheric.
The fire looks exploding. Try using some stock with calm flame.

Those are the only flaws I spotted. Love it.

The fire is way too violent, it looks like a big forest fire, that ain’t right. You should have used some HD gibs or add blood on the medic’s hand. Pyro’s left hand clips through the duck, and I can’t really see what’s going on on the right side of the picture, under the fire. The pyro is on a chair but he’s still carrying his axe, that looks weird to me. The heavy’s fingerposing is fantastic, and so is his faceposing and the lighting. Only one thing, it looks like he’s carrying his ambassador a little bit high. It should be at his belt, or right under his arm. It’s a pretty good scene overall.

Fire! Oh Shit! Well guys she is a pyro afterall. She life fire. Yes pyro is a girl. Love the thread music!!!

Your post slightly molten my brain I fear.

And thanks for the C&C all, its really good.

:wtc: have you just said