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Awesome thread music that got me inspired for this: (Open the picture at 0:30 and listen whole song if you want)

(Zoey is voiced by,well the girly voice.) (Low on time? Skip to the awesome part ( 1:35 ))


:cool: Only ingame stuff.

Comment and stuff and C&C

Hell I laughed at the thread music.
Works now.
Sweet Jezuz this is funny as hell especially with the song.

It is for me. Try refreshing the page.

Yeah it works now.
Had a good laugh :smug:

Urrhh. Ruining a funny song with anime characters. Why not use the orc version.

Funny pic by the way. Song goes great to it.

OLOL internet is for porn.

Lol, that is why you posted that song to me on steam.

More comments?

There should be Tank shouting “THE INTERNET IS FOR POOORN”.

But it’s still as funny as hell.

Uh oh, what is my skin doing there. I think I know. :smug:

Isn’t it obvious :smug:.

I loled at the faggots on the floor using the laptop

It makes me angry that someone used that song to make a fucking anime compilation.