The fate of some Vietnam Veterans.

Me and Jim before being shipped off. Wish us luck!

*My current life. I couldn’t live with myself after what i saw. *

Does this please the judges? :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems these were made in 5 minutes, you should really think of something to pose before you start posing, and then give it some detail and stuff to make it more interesting. Both of these are very empty and bland

I think the bottle of pee didn’t help at all.

If your piss is that color somethings wrong.


K, Let’s see if those please the Facepunch judges.

atleast the first one is better

What else do you want from the second? Not much can be done besides more graffiti, or better beer, which i can’t do :stuck_out_tongue:

how about a new pose?

How else do you pose a wasted drunk fallen in the street?

edit: Don’t think i’m being defensive, that’s just how i remember it when i went to rome three years ago.

First picture needs better posing and isolation. The second picture needs better editing, it’s completely empty and could have used some type of street lighting. Maybe from a light post.

First picture needs the two guys to look at the photographer.
Second picture needs the tags to be completely on the wall and not on the metal parts, like the vents.

The graffitti is wayyy to bright, and like Snoups said needs better placement. Possibly set up a scenebuild around it too with a trashcan, dumpster, or something. Just needs a lil bit of miniscule details for eye candy.