The feast

this owns. nice lighting.

only complaint is that the blood looks a little flat and the reflections on the car are weird, but the latter is due to spec maps so it’s hardly your fault

Wow, this is awesome. Great composition.

Nice! but the posing looks a little strange.

I hate how everything is focused in, it seems you just said to yourself “here’s a beautiful picture of a garage - oh and some zombie that doesn’t fit”.

Your angle in this picture makes the zombies look like the pic is saying “oh hey this garage looks nice, oh and hey theres a zombie in here that doesn’t fit the composition at all”

Wierd? Strange, for me reflections seemed very realistic (cause there is a source of llight behind the car’s back)

I love it. The lighting is really nice. Btw. where can I get these deadbodies (that’s how it should be called in Gmod…)? I can’t find it anywhere :confused:

  • Was she giving him a BJ? 'cause I think she went too far…

no, as in the angle they are reflected at and the way the reflections are identical across different materials is weird. plastic brakelight guards and painted metal body don’t react to light the same.

I have to agree, but it is awesome if you focus on the zombie. :v:

well,I didn’t focus camera on the zombie because it’s not the only part of composition, for me the blood splashes and interior is also very important.

The pic just says “oh hey here’s a beautiful shot of a garage - oh and some zombie eating someone”.

My only complaint is that the car seems to have most of the focus.

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:3 should be the thread title!