The fields of Jerusalem (Small series in the making)

Little series I’m going to make, had this in my head for about a year now, CnC would be hugely appreciative.

All in-game editing.

**If it does not work, try this:

Looks great.

Where can I get that model?

I still think that the left might be just a bit too empty for my liking. But I like the pose on the guys otherwise.

Damn, I had a similar idea with the exact same models (if I had them), but this is great.

The story is well written (minus the moments where you wrote “where” instead of “were”) and well thought out. I hope to see more of the story in the future. As for the picture itself, I agree with wraithcat that the left seems too open and emtpy.

Great stuff, Vasili. I look forward to more.

I always get my wheres and were mixed up, despite knowing the meanings - habbit really.

I was gonna add some ruined tanks or some buildings in the background, but I found it unfitting for a battle that has not begun yet.

Will be released when I finish the project.

If it’s a teaser the picture should have a lot more eye-candy, I mean, without the story it would only be a couple of soldiers standing with swords in the middle of the desert, I’m not saying that the picture itself is bad but it’s not very appealing.

As for the story, I think it’s great, it was pretty interesting to read, and it will probably make me eager to wait for the first part of this series.

Not trying to be a jerk or anything.

It’d be funny if both sides utilized pork as a biological weapon.

hi let’s have a battle in the future but instead of using lethal weapons like biological weapons and flamethrowers we just stab one another with swords


i’ll be honest. the story is absolutely the dumbest thing i’ve ever read and is so inconsistent with logic that I can’t help but think that this is written by some junior in high school. i’m trying to be nice but there’s no way i can word this without getting the point across to your head. i’d be absolutely embarrassed to post this myself.

Yeah I tried to go back to the save to add more stuff in, but it wouldn’t load :confused:

Future screenshots will have more stuff in it though.

I expected laz0r guns :< or good ol’ jammy l85’s.

Im assuming the only version of that model ported is the male model?

Nice pic too, if kinda boring

Both. But they’re not completely ready yet.

Oh cool!

That’s a pretty neat concept. Hope to see more of this.

When you showed me through chat, I told you everything you needed to know.

God damn it’s sexy.