The Final Boss

I removed the video because people were right, this was dumb. I’m waiting for this thread to be trashed.


Just joking, this was acted out in an empty server of Half-Life 2: Deathmatch. Xtream3amer (Tehnoobslayer in-game) has acted out the boss, using his gravity gun and throwing shit at me, and I was the “player”.

Before you ask why I put this in the video in this group if it is NOT Garry’s Mod, but Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, it’s because there was no group for videos for other games on this forum, and I really wanted to post this somewhere.

You’d normally think HL2:DM movies would suck, as you of course, can’t built shit, have cameras, make NPC’s etc. like in GMOD. But the editing made it actiony and dramatic in my opinion, and the map on the server was just perfect to look like one of the Half-Life 2 styled levels, also I thought it had to go somewhere, so here you go. You aren’t forced to watch it if you don’t like HL2: DM anyway, everyone has their own opinions and tastes.

WARNING: This video contains excessive overuse of raping shake effect in Sony Vegas. If you get a headache from shaky action videos please contact your local vomiter right now.

Sounds from
Music is from the Town Infection Doom mod by COTECIOTM, downloaded from his Town Infection website (;11118433;/fileinfo.html
Boss played by Xtream3amer (in-game, Tehnoobslayer)

EDIT: I got a little lost on getting a right section, so I had to put this here. Waiting for an admin to put this to a good section…

The shaky camera effect was extremely annoying, and all it looks like you did was apply a filter to it.
Besides, this is the Garry’s mod section. You should have posted this in the Videos and Flash Movies section.

whooooo! shake rape!!

It’s supposed to be cheesy and overepic styled, lolz.
And yes, I know, I just got a little lost on the groups. This is my first times on facepunch, so yeah. Waiting for an admin to move this to the right section.

Was it really worth to post?

I liked your other video with the combines more.

No, it was just shaking the camera like a fucking idiot. Why did I even post it? I removed it now, and waiting for it to get trashed.

Boom, video is gone.

I guess I shouldn’t have posted this for the facepunch community… I got to agree myself The Police was a lot better. This just didn’t go good.