"The final crescendo..." Soldier finds another dead soldier


Practicing hair, and some lighting.

Woah, awesome hair.
A bit too grainy, tho.

edit// GODDAMN, why the hell are my friends in steam not showing up? Just groups memebrs >:( Halp.

You should put the original up for comparison. I would like to see how extensive the hair edit was (from what I can tell, it’s rather well done. The shading under his arm is just a liiiitle bit iffy, and it seems like you could have done some more overall shading. Also the bullet hole and the blood on the dead guy could use some work. Still, overall a well done pic.

The hair edit is great for a practice, color seems just a tad off with the greased-to-the-back of his head part.

blood on dead soldier’s head really bad
but hair is super nice

hair is very good.

awesome hair there
compare with bald

It looks really good, but you do way too many pictures with a low, wide camera angle and a bunch of depth-of-field near the camera. Mix your ideas up a bit.

In my opinion, it’d look better without the large gas mask strapped to the guy’s face.