"The Final Encounter" - Vital Suit versus Akrid


C&C Guys.

The effect on the blades looks cool but it doesn’t really work as motion blur. The traces look too thick for it.
There’s some unpleasant bloom over the big bug thing and if the light is coming from above him there would be alot of shadows pointing towards the camera.

As I said on steam, you really nailed the spining effect :slight_smile: the angle and pose are nice too.

Nice work mate.

Cool camera angle and depth-of-field. Motion-blur is good too.

This deserves some moar comments! nice pic again matey :smiley:

If it doesn’t get any other comments i usually don’t post a pose again for a while. (I still pose i just don’t post them)

My screenshots/poses can usually be an uncommon sight on Facepunch really, i tend not to post most of them seeing as they get little comments on them.

Holy shit awesome!

Spinning effect is really cool, tho maybe it should be yellow?
Cool picture none the less.

Tho he wouldn’t even struggle to kill that akrid in a vs! :v:

Yeah i was messing around with the colours actually making it green and blue and shit.

Red just seemed to look nice really, thanks for feedback as well guys.

Shame I can only rate this as Artistic coz if I could I’d rate the as EPIC! Quality job there Camper

Nice effect on the sword.

Once again thanks guys. :smiley:

It’s nice to get comments like these.

Vital suit for the win.