The Final Frontier

Something that was floating in my mind while listening to “Space Oddity” by David Bowie

Nothing special, enjoy.

The astronaut looks too…bare.

Posing on the spaceman is odd and that sun-filter is quite ugly.

waht the fuck the sun is lazor bea-TFFTTSKSKSKKTKSKTS! AUUUUUHG

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Nice I think but where is his (dunno what’s its called) tube that gives him air?
Let me guess Oxygen Tube?

This is major Tom to ground control. I’m stepping trough the door, and i’m floating in the most of peculiar ways… And the stars look very different today!
Love the song and the picture is nice too!

Sorry for asking, but where can you download the spaceman model?
Nice picture, it would of looked better without the moon.

The moon is bright on the wrong side.