The Final - Image

My latest image on
Most of my time was adjusting Effects, there is little posing in this picture (and that’s not good)
and don’t complain : “WHAT? Final? what about The Borealis/ Episode 3” or something like that

fell free to rate and comment
rated myself: 6/10

From your commentary, it seems like you overestimate your skills and underestimate our intelligence.

That being said, there is far too much empty space, and the lighting could be cool if the composition wasn’t quite so wonky.

can you point out the part where i overestimated my skills and underestimate your intelligence?

Better than mine…

You’re voluntarily of relinquished forms of art are overdone and not correctly presumed.

You should zoom in your camera and your image is bloomed way too much.

The character is not in focus, the camera is not zoomed in, bloom is way too heavy and where’s the composition?

Zooming is your friend bro.

You surely like bloom.

There is also the issue of common sense. The advisor is much to far away for Gordon to reach it so what you’ve really captured is an elaborate suicide. The “Freeman” isn’t free from the laws of physics sadly.

Unless he turns on noclip :v: