The final massive battle for the eternal epic fate of humanity is being fou- FOOTBALL!

WEEEE ARE THE CHAAAAMPIOOOO- oh hell fuck that shit. PARTY!

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Uncropped and original for comparison:

Gridiron, handegg, football, whatever.

Great picture man! Very Badass!

Now if this was what football was, I would watch the fuck out of it.

Me too, buddy. Me too.


John Madden.
Awesome pic.

Yeah, and those fucking helmets will haunt me forever. Even the Terran Marines remind me of the Moon now.

I was making the pose and thought, “Oh hey, those kinda look like astrona- OH SHIT MY GOD NO.”

Pigskin going for pigskin?

i love this screen

It reminds me a lot of Bloodbowl.

mud and spit edits are awesome

I think this fits better:

Awesome, nicely done. Great edition, posing and composition as well as the idea. Absolutely love it.

The title is perfect.
I love you you glorious automaton.

when did you become full of so much win, joazzz?

This is not football.
This is American oval-tossing/hunk-fighting.
Though I love the picture nevertheless.

Also, I see so many penalties in this picture, that it’s funny.


oh Joazz, have you ever failed me…