The Final Resting Place of the Radioactive Cabinet

No photoshop, no weed.

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The image quality seems horrible compared to what i have on my computer, does it have something to do with or facepunch? I’m asking cause my original seems to have more sharpness to the image.

What resolution did you take the picture in? Here, it shows up as 1277 by 718.

It’s a very interesting scenebuild, anyway.

Well done, mate. Very strange, but still very good.

protip: you can crop pictures to any size

Nice, only gripes is the edge of the map or whatever in at the top of the pic and the seemingly hovering lamp table next to the sofa chair, but we can blame that on the radiation. Where’d you get those awesome plants?

Which plants? All that green leaf stuff? If you mean the water plants, they’re just 90 degree rotations of the leaf props which are from portal 2, i sank them into the water to make them look like lilly leaves.