The Final RP! New Gamemode idea

So I got this idea, its basicly putting spacebuild and rp together. Now I think there might be something already like that but not like this. So if someone could make this and then give me credit for putting this amazing idea together that would be super. =D

Kind of like darkrp with how they have jobs and all but…

**Basic Game Intro**

Congratulations space cadet!
You have recently graduated from one of our top space schools and you are now allowed to roam the known and unknown universe along with hundreds others just like you. Choose your path wisely though be it a humble ship builder or a traitorous space pirate, it is up to you to decide your fate!


Type of money UPC (Universal Pilot’s Currency)

**Leveling System**

I think it should kind of be like a normal RPG where you need to gain ‘experience’ to unlock certain things. But instead of experience things just use money, because like in real life its not always about experience its about money. So basicly you start off as a "Space Pilot’ who can spawn basic parts to build basic ships and rig them with basic life support and very basic weapons. And technecly you can do what ever job you want but it doesn’t mean your gonna be good at it.
So you could start right off the bat as a Ship Constructor but your only going to be able to make very basic ships that everyone else can make.
So here is a bunch of different ‘skills’ that you can unlock for different category.


Level 0 Cost 0 UPC (Start skill) - Can only use phx models to make ships with regular thrusters, hoverballs and vehicle seat
Level 1 Cost 10,000 UPC - Can start to use the small ships from the SBEP
Level 2 Cost 25,000 UPC - Can use wire items like adv pod controller, wired thrusters, etc, unlocks profession Engineer
Level 3 Cost 40,000 UPC - Can spawn medium sized ship parts, premade ship vechiles, and can use basic gyropod
Level 4 Cost 60,000 UPC - Can use advanced gyropod
Level 5 Cost 80,000 UPC - Can use all ship building materials

Advanced Engineering (Can get once Engineer is at lvl 5)
Level 1 Cost 100,000 UPC - Can spawn some basic station parts
Level 2 Cost 150,000 UPC - Can spawn some bigger station parts
Level 3 Cost 200,000 UPC - Can spawn all ship, station parts, unlock profession Engineering Specialist

Life Support Operator
Level 0 - Can only use the smallest life support items and the tiniest nodes, etc
Level 1 5,000 UPC - Can only use the basic energy, oxygen, and water life support items
Level 2 15,000 UPC - Grants access to more generators, unlocks profession Life Support Operator
Level 3 30,000 UPC - Grants access to bigger node networks, and larger storage units
Level 4 50,000 UPC - Grants access to better generators
Level 5 70,000 UPC - Can use all generators and most storage units, and the largest node networks

Life Support Specialist
Level 1 90,000 UPC - Can start using planet life support items and now can use all storage units
Level 2 130,000 UPC - Can use all life support items
Level 3 170,000 UPC - Unlocks profession Life Support Specialist

Level 0 - Allows basic mining laser and ore holder
Level 1 Cost 5,000 UPC - Unlocks level 1 mining laser and ore holder
Level 2 Cost 10,000 UPC - Unlocks level 2 mining laser and ore holder and Miner proffesion
Level 3 Cost 20,000 UPC - Unlocks Level 3 mining laser and ore holder, and level 1 ice miner/holder
Level 4 Cost 40,000 UPC - Unlocks level 4 mining laser/oreholder, level 2 ice miner/holder
Level 5 Cost 80,000 UPC - Grants 10% better selling of ore/ice

Mining Specialist
Level 1 Cost 100,000 UPC - Grants 20% better selling of ore/ice
Level 2 Cost 125,000 UPC - Grants 35% better selling of ore/ice
Level 3 Cost 150,000 UPC - Grants 50% better selling of ore/ice, unlocks all mining/ice laser/holders and Mining Specialist profession



Combat Engineer
Level 0 - Can spawn 1 low damage weapon
Level 1 Cost 20,000 UPC - Unlocks small turrets and energy weapons
Level 2 Cost 50,000 UPC - Unlocks more turret and energy type weapons along with Combat Enginer profession
Level 3 Cost 80,000 UPC - Unlocks medium sized weapons
Level 4 Cost 120,000 UPC - Unlocks bombs, and gcombat
Level 5 Cost 160,000 UPC - Unlocks larger weapons but not the biggest

Combat Engineering Specialist
Level 1 Cost 200,000 UPC - Unlocks gcombat extended
Level 2 Cost 300,000 UPC - Unlocks all but admin weapons, unlocks Combat Specialist profession

Defense Operator
Level 0 - nothing
Level 1 Cost 10,000 UPC - Unlocks use of the shield tool
Level 2 Cost 20,000 UPC - Unlocks Defense Systems Operator proffesion
Level 3 Cost 40,00 UPC - Unlocks use of a basic cloak
Level 4 Cost 60,00 UPC - Unlocks full use of cloak
Level 5 Cost 80,00 UPC - Unlocks more defense type stuff


Pilot (the pilot has random skills with some having levels while others do not)

Life Support Systems (Must have level 3 in life support operator) Cost 50,000 UPC
-Makes the ship use 25% less resources

Weapons Systems (Must have level 3 in combat engineer) Cost 100,000 UPC
-Weapons use 25% less energy

YOU! Cost 10,000 UPC
-Allows players to put bounty’s on others

Hoverdrive Operator Cost 100,000 UPC
-Allows Use of hoverdrive

Universal Law Enforcement Training Cost 40,000 UPC
-Unlocks police profession

Advanced Universal Law Enforcement Training Cost 120,000 UPC
-Unlocks captain position

Pirating 101 Cost 10,000 UPC
-Unlocks basic criminal professions

You are my minions Cost 70,000 UPC
-Unlocks criminal leader profession

Magic Wand Cost 100,000 UPC
-Unlocks ability as the Prime 9 leader to erase bounty

Hire Me! Cost 10,000 UPC
-Unlocks mercenary

Planetary Weapons Dealer License 5,000 UPC
-Can become regular gun dealer who can sell normal guns

Coolest guy in the universe 200,000 UPC
-Unlocks Interstellar Ruler

The Hunter 10,000 UPC
-Unlocks Bounty Hunter


+Space Pilot - Pay 2500 UPC
+Engineer - Pay 10,000 UPC
+Engineer Specialist - Pay 25,000 UPC
+Life Support Operator - Pay 6,000 UPC
+Life Support Specialist - Pay 18,000 UPC
+Miner - Pay 3,000 UPC (gets money from mining)
+Mining Spec - Pay 15,000 UPC (main money from mining)
+Hobo (even in space - Pay 10 UPC (in the future the UCIH [Universal Committee for Interstellar Hobos] grants them a 10 UPC paycheck)
+Gun Dealer - Pay 4000 UPC (sells inferior planet guns)

Non-civilian/Special Classes
+Mercenary - Pay 5,000 UPC
+Combat Engi - Pay 10,000 UPC
+Combat Spec - Pay 30,000 UPC
+Bounty Hunter - Pay 5,000 UPC (gets money from bountys set by other players/police)

+Pirate - Pay 5,000 UPC (same as a mercenary except bad)
+Prime 9 Member - Pay 8,000 UPC (Mafia member)
+Prime 9 Captain - Pay 15,000 UPC
+The True Flyers Member - Pay 5,000 UPC (Gangster)
+The True Flyers Leader - Pay 10,000 UPC (gang leader)

Law and Order
+Concord Officer (hehe eve) Pay 10,000 UPC
+Concord Captain Pay 20,000 UPC
+Interstellar Ruler Pay 20,000 UPC

**Bounty System**

The bounty system allows players or concord to put a bounty on any player so long as they have it in their wallet. They can put it on them by typing something like ‘/bounty Apoc 100000’ And the player will then get a bounty. And you can add a bounty to offline players by typeing ‘/bountyid Steam_1010101 99999’ and whoever kills said player IN SPACE or on certain planets gets all the bounty. And you can also pay the leader of The Prime 9 to get rid of your current bounty for whatever price he may choose.


That is it for now, don’t know what else to think of, my brain is fried from all that typing =D So tell me your thoughts on this gamemode idea. This is kind of similar, but more like EVE than spacebuild+dark rp(that would be impractical anyway).

space pirates… cool

I don’t see this working out any better than Dark RP. Also all RP gamemodes are eventually buried and forgotten by “New classes, modified Dark RP” on rp_downtown eventually.

This gamemode could work, but it could get out-shined by Sunrise if it takes the same serious approach.

because thats alot of scripting

and if this works

Who said anything about scripting, this is the request section

this idea needs alot of work and a big map that can be laggy