the first gmod poop i ever made.

Some users might not care much.

But if i can make somone even slightly chuckle. Its gonna be worth any flaming.

Upgrade your fucking graphics it looks like GODDAMN SHIT OH GOD.


It would be better than any kind of video I could do.

The idea of this video is pretty plain, I did not find this entertaining. if the 2 guys who said your video was 5 stars on youtube. then they must have a bad sense of humour.

but I don’t blame you, you are a newbie. follow this guide.

not a poop

Had some sort of potential, but gm_construct and bad graphics ruined it.

Just a heads up.
If you type cl_drawhud in the console, it removes the hud so it doesn’t conflict with your movie.

thanks for regarding!

so funny i forgot to laugh at it.