The First Human Combine

Hi, This is my first comic so bear with me. Anyway If the pictures dont show…Image shack sucks.



'Can’t see a shit, dude .

: / well shit. Gotta fix that now ey?

Aw, I was expecting something good.

Use imgur.

Use imgur or anyhub, both of them are a lot better than imageshack. You should also get a layout for your pictures so we don’t have to load like 30 pictures, instead it’s just a big one. Can’t say so much about your posing/editing as i have to be able to see the comic first.

Thanks for the info i have decided on imgur.
Ill try and keep em all in one next time for the time being though…

sorry about that one…The splat effect is shit

one of em wont load so check em all out here

TURN UP YOUR GRAPHICS! snicker snicker

I should. I had them down because a while back when i was spacebuilding it lagged a bit.

Turn up your graphics before making comics.

I like this. It puts a nice spin on the first human combine ever. Turn up your graphics and continue.

Just Because you asked.
Gentlemen and any ladies reading this:
May I introduce!
The First Human Combine: PROLOGUE!

Now, This was mainly a test of my new editing software: Photoscape, it is free just google it. I must say I absolutely love it. Hope you enjoy this and yes, it is very strange and well violent. Some screenies didn’t show so some things you’ll just have to imagine. Enjoy the Comic!

Sorry about the pic without a frame and says my memory pool is low. Forgot to do that one.

I wonder how the fuck the camera man recorded all of that, did he fly up to the corner in that one frame?

it made me laugh, keep doing them

The recording thing was mainly a way of hiding the system paged pool memory low or w/e it says

Hey guys! Its me, H4CK3R! I had to make a new account because Gmail got fucked up and it wouldn’t send a confirmation email to my other address. So Here I am! I Now Introduce to you: The First Human Combine: The Race Track!

yeaah skybox reflections were a bitch in this.

i made this a couple days after valentine’s day…sorry

Thanks for reading, I have temporarily uninstalled Gmod so I can play L4D2 with a friend who recently got it. Sorry, but there will be nothing new until i get the disk space. Once again, Thanks for reading and keep on reading the other useless shit on the forums…not that everything else is…Theres some good stuff on here…Im rambling…