The First Person you met?

So,today my friend and I went gathering for resources when we come across a cloth guy.
We’re about to run away(or attack him =) ) when my friend said “It’s him!!He’s the first guy I met on this server!!”

Then,I try to remember the first guy I met.
I can’t even remember who I met and what the name was.
I just started running at him and bashing him with my rock .

What about you ?

Some guy in full Kevlar with a shotgun that didn’t say anything, just shot me.

Spawned on top of another fresh spawn - thought oh, hello… Then he caved in my skull with his rock… Good times :slight_smile:

Ever spawned on a tree ? :wink:

first player i met was just like me - i was a first player he met… we looked at each other for a while then proceeded to attempt to kill with the rock, as we were both new it wasn’t going very well with us running in circles hopelessly trying to land a rock. That went on for a good while until we both died in hail of bullets from a 3rd player that i never saw.
the end

Naked guy with homemade shotgun who stared at me. I said yo bro, he said something in russian and I heard bang, then I was dead.

I spawned near the road and I saw 3 guys on it, I went to see them and they… killed me on sight. :frowning: They were all in Kevlars, but me and my friends raided their houses not too long after that.

My first meeting was at night, I made a campfire. Two guys in Kevlar came up, one said I am going to put food in your fire. He told me go get it, it had a c4, I went kablooey. Laughed my ass off so hard!!!