The first sight of vorts + small bonus.

Long time no post :confused:
Propably cuz the ArmA II editor is so amazing I spent all my creativity there.

Some random background story that I don’t really like. (I can’t write stories for shit :X)

I think its a bit meh-ish to be honest, I want vorts to have fingerposing :C

And a bonus, didn’t create a thread because I thought it is to small. I went creative :razz:

Comments and stuff now please :3:

Nice posing and angle, me likes!
And Silver Spirit is gonna release a finger posable Vort soon(I hope) btw :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, what model is it on the bonus? in the PC i have right now the brightness/contrast is fucked up so everything looks fucking dark, but it looks cool from what I can see, very sci-fi.

Model in the bonus pic is Tali from Mass Effect. Lillwasa included it in this pack:

I was gonna say that but forgot the models name, Have an wrench teddybearavatarguy.

And just 2 comments? :C

meh likey

I like the idea, but strictly speaking, the first sight of Vorts was at Black Mesa during Half Life.