The first winter after 10 years
UPD added 1 fix =3

“Sir, it looks like the seasons are finally back in the right order!”

Was expecting A Song of Ice and Fire.

This is pretty though. I like the light.

This is great. Great… (and how did you make this white reflection/shade on the character?)

3 lamps and some levels =3

Is the title a reference I didn’t catch?

My titles doesn’t have any sense in =3

This is really nice. A little heavy on the blur, but really good overall. Though, you might want to stop with the “=3” in general, not just in the titles. Its starting to get kind of annoying.

Your pics lately have been amazing, by the way.

Alright just thought I’d ask, nice pose.

Okay, I’ll try.

Do I see a Minecraft chest in the background?

The winter is coming and so am I.

What model is that?

I like the reflections on his coat and whatnot, very nice.

Hope of Men

“As I held my hand out to this strange fluff, I suddenly JIZZ IN MY PANTS!”

“And cold wind, with snow blew in my face.”

man jizz in wind

wind jizz back

I don’t like the blur and the man is a bit dull but otherwise, great!

What makes this picture fantastic is the “snow” effect that’s currently on the forums. :slight_smile: