The Fix for Server Join Crashes


Xenon ServerHosting have added a Purge DUA Cache button to their Control Panel as a Result of this thread!

A lot of server owners may have noticed that their Servers can sometimes randomly crash when a Player joins every now and then, But on some servers the problem gets so bad they switch hosts or Resort to drastic measures. My server was the same till I checked out where the Server was crashing at in the Join process.
A server is not Truly Multi-player If only one or two people join before the server just goes down Abruptly.


I have extensively tested this fix on a server that had severe join crashes, Now that server is functioning perfectly! Hundreds of players have joined without a join crash.

Go to <Server>/Cache/Dua Inside the Dua folder you will need to delete all of the Dua files.
Once done Restart the server.
The Required Dua Files will Replenish where as the Old and corrupt ones will be gone.

Enjoy your Join-Crash Free Server XD

Make sure to Clean out your duas at least once every two weeks.

(DO NOT DELETE THE ACTUAL DUA FOLDER, or the server will not know where to put the duas, it does not automatically create a new Folder, Only the Duas)

I took care of the 1,845 Dua files I had it would crash after 4 people joined.

Over the past few Days I have Found that over time of removing and adding Addons over and Over create Dua Files in the Cache folder, But when you remove a mod they are not removed, However; If you put that same addon back in, it can add Extra instead of using the old ones, Wire mod I have noticed will add 1 more Dua file per Server reset. That is most people’s Problems.

So Monthly you should all clear out the Dua Folder to solve the Join crashing!

Thank you x9001, I will name my next kid after you :’)

I can almost always reach ~80 connected players on my server before it goes :frowning: with the lua string table error.
Didn’t know others had it even worse.

Thanks. Reccomended to the server owner I’m admin on.

Dua files are created so the client can see the files that are required. While yes, clearing out the cache now and again is a good thing (so they dont have to download over 1000 lua files), It’s not realy a fix as such.

Dua files are automatically created by Gmod.

But Here is the cool thing

This server has not join crashed in over 2 weeks.

I have no choice but to declare that this is the Best Fix out there for the Bug.
The other servers, I gave this fix to Have not join crashed since, aswell!

A healthy Server should have only under 900 Dua files, If there are over 1200 Dua files the Join crashes start to occur.

Every time I try this the same exact files are there when i restart the server, so in the end it gives me the same outdated files and the server still crashes. So, in the end, this “fix” is not really fixing anything, unless you can help me further on this.

A healthy server should have under 300 dua files.

@Teddi Orange:
Mine Survives at 1000 Duas. 300 Duas just means you have a low number of addons.
I may Remove wiremod if these Minges don’t stop Abusing it, Maybe if I just remove E2 and Beacon sensors.

@ obiwansexobi:
How many dua files do you have? If you are over 900 Try removing a few Addons or unused gamemodes.

Don’t knock me cause of my account age, I ditched my old account and I made a New account when I changed my name a week ago.

Ok here is the exact list of addons on the server,
adv duplicator
Conna’s tool pack
no collide multi
smart constraint tool
stacker stool
weight stool
youtube player
Now I’m not sure if these amount of addons will make the join crashes happen, but I think theres over 1,000 dua files. If you can tell me what could be deleted to lower it but still have a “fun” spacebuild serverand hopefully not crash, i would greatly appreciate it. I also read somewhere that the Sb3 addon contributes to join crashing. BTW that list doesn’t include game content like counter strike source and hl2_ep1 and 2

I would say leave out the stargate stuff, That is a lot of code for a simple portal.
If your server does not necessarily need Wiremod, then Leave it out as this will GREATLY Decrease the amount of Duas Created.

Here is what I Brought you down to. Basic Fun Necessities…
adv duplicator
PHX3 (Updated version of PHX2)
ULX (Lower Lua count and more powerful Admin mod)
no collide multi
smart constraint too
lstacker stool
weight stool
youtube player

Wow, all i have to say is wow. Immediately when i deleted the useless stuff(like stargate) the server worked fine. I want to thank you for helping me because this was bothering me for quite some time now.

Glad to help

My server crashes every 3 hours when there is allot of people joining.I deleted the dua folder so it recreates but it did not help to solve the problem.

I have 677 dua files in that folder.

Ok, this fix worked for about a day until today. The server is still join crashing, but not as bad. Should I just keep deleting small addons and useless stuff? Even though theres not that much stuff to delete anymore.

I don’t think this is the problem. I have been running game servers from different hosts since mid 2008. Every single one of them had this same issue, and it was when I added gcombat + GCX which brought the total dua count from 600 files to 800 and upwards. If the OP’s fix doesn’t work, trim an addon or 2 until you get a dua count of 600-650. I did and it was shit tons more stable. Just my 2c.

I cleared out my cache just yesterday on server but it had no affect on it. The server still crashes on random joins mostly after the server has been on for a while and or when alot of things have been spawned. It is a spacebuild server thus it needs a good amount of addons (life support,CAF, etc). I have been doing alot of reading about this dreaded Lua Stringtable overflow and it looks like the only fix would be to cut down on the number of lua files your server has. Another option you could do is reload the map or restart the server every few hours but that is just as annoying as the server crashing. I hope there is another way to cut this down rather than removing more and more addons from the server /: