The Flares That Look Like D*cks

Hello there everyone.
This is my first post, so don’t start raging. I have Noticed that flares are among the most abundant things you can find in the game via looting. They are ok at lighting up areas on the ground, and I often use them for hunting at night by lighting up a specific area that has quite a few zombies and such. however, I was going to suggest that all NPC’s react to flares. So, if there was a flare on the ground, nearby zombies (Soon to be removed) would be curious and move towards it. Bears, wolfs and added aggressive NPCs would go after the flares, while calm/neutral NPCs would run away, or be frozen like a deer in headlights. This would be awesome because it would make nighttime more useful, as well as flares in general.
Thank You, BaitMate.

you should see the uber hunting bow arrows… now that’s a

I doubt bears or wolves would go near anything UN-natural.

Zombies, I suppose. But there being removed anyways…?

Seems like a bunch of pointless work to me.

Also… I really don’t think they look like D*icks… Odd…

Pro Tip:
Holding a lit flare is client side. This means you can run around with a lit flare in your hand at pitch dark and no one will be able to see you. This lets you sneak up to people. You can even throw the flare (which they can then see) and distract them as you shoot them in the back. Also, if you let the flare run out in your hand. You can move an item to where it was (if you run out) and move it away, you’ll magically have the flare back. This gives you unlimited vision at night.

[Yes, this is a bug.]

You don’t think so? Well I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Basically wat im trying to say is that flares could have some kind of use other than for lighting up areas for a short period of time.

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true, true, but on PvE servers, you cant kill people, so you have to think of that. But I never thought of throwing the flare to distract a person :confused:

You can say dicks. Just don’t show your parents.

nah I know I just don’t want to come off as one.

I think its pretty clear that the game is not being built around PvE. So I don’t really think Facepunch is taking it into account when making design decisions. Could be wrong, though.

A “Pro Tip” doesn’t include using exploits. That’s about as unpro as one can get.

All things considered, though, the environment should still be a threat after the ~5 hours you’ve played and geared up.

Yeah, this is a PvP game. I think that will remain their focus first and foremost.

OK SO IT’LL BE PVP. Flares, guys, ideas about flares…

key element is NOT pvp, biggest fail to think that

They should add a flare gun so you can signal where you are for friends or perhaps draw attention of others for a fight.

Yea I’d like that. Sounds like fun actually, FLARE GUN FIGHT

Technically the key element isn’t PvP, but the game still centers around player interaction.

Many, many games have made their mint by focusing on PvP. Why would that be “biggest fail”?

As for flares, I was just saying that I doubt they’re going to put much effort into mob interactions of that sort ATM, since it is incredibly finicky and doesn’t have much place in PvP. I could see them fixing Aggro first, for instance, so you can use mobs as weapons (and they don’t completely ignore being shot at).

Sounds like PvP to me…

Alright, MAYBE it’ll be PVP based, MAYBE not. The Point of This thread is to talk about the usage of flares. Yes, I understand that it may be a ways away, but hell, the game is growing quite quickly, and is frequently updated, so it’s not a bad idea to start coming up with ideas.

Id like to see some kind of salvage option, if its already in the works ignore me. But being able to tear flares down to get valuable gunpower would be nice. For their as it is now function i dont use them except for making explosives. I think zombies would and probably should track towards them, maybe not in an all out aggresive mode but move closer at least. Animals i think would all run away in reality. Of coarse unless threatened most of the aggresive animals in this game would probably run away also.