The Flesh Pits

I was invited to take part in this MK tribute project on DA, and decided to stick with familiar ground.

Scenebuild yall



Amusingly, while I was making the scene, I had a few lamps already positioned randomly and I happened to notice this.


Fucking gorgeous.

Always blowing our pictures out of the water in comparison to yours, fucking amazing.


When I read the title I expected to see a close up of my girlfriends pussy.

I knew this was going to be MK related.

Good job, mate.

<3 MK stuff. Keep it up :3

that’s hot

So your fine with people posting pics of your “girlfriend” vagina on the internet? Also if you thought it was she must have a blue waffle vagina, just saying. Anyhoo dude once again awesome stuff, now FINISH HIM!

Just Mileena being as sexy as ever.

Nah I have not seen your girlfriends vagina recently.

Thanks for dem comments people!


Download the goddamn SFM and make some pictures with it, its far better compared to G-Mod.

Yeah I already downloaded that, haven’t tested it yet, but judging from what I’ve
seen Deniskaso making in sfm, it does look promising.