The floating village

I would like to post it on screenshots & movies, but I shouldn’t do it.

Better luck next time.

And here’s the ending music:

Please put the comment, It make me happy if you do.

The City Scanner’s comment made me lol hard.

Awesome comic.

:buddy: Loved the floating city idea. Nice posing with funny dialog. I declare this a win. Have smiley.

Btw the floating village idea was inspired by one of Ryu-Gi’s pics right? The one with the DoA ragdolls floating?

Hmm I’ll go check it out.

When I got to the option part I was like: “Oh… another interactive comic”.
But then I kept reading and went like: “Oh right”.
Epic idea :smiley:

One week and only 4 replies!? Come on!

Haha funny stuff man.
I lold.

I enjoyed it. I would suggest using some other font though (cloud bubbles or a better color) the blue in the first few was hard to read.


I loled and then saved.

I can hardly read most of this D=