the following COD ascension models

hey guys, sorry my first thread was so stupid and the icon title was wrong and it failed. I now decided to make a new neat thread asking anyone out there who has ascension zombies on cod for these models. there are a lot of models out there in cod i want since i’m planing on makinga map for css but for now i will need about 22 models but i will ask for 9 now:
The lander with the closing and opening side rail animation if possible cause it will be needed to open and close on my map. I will also need under the lander opening and closing animated. First pic is the lander and second is where the lander lands and the thing opens and closes. Also the lander button would be nice as a radgoll

The rocket launcher and the rails (no animations)and sounds

The nazi zombies and monkeys with all their animation and sounds(most important one). The monkeys also land from a machine but i couldnt find a screenshot of it. It’s a static prop.

Thunder gun normal and pack a punched with reloading animation only and their sounds.

These are really the only models i need and i hope it’s not really hard to make the animations for them and the sounds. I have one more quesion. Is it possible to rig the particle effects and make them as particle sytems for css? i think thats 99% impossible but just asking. sorryfor grammar as i’m still learning english.


Glad to see that you have low expectations.