The Force Unleashed Clone Commando Pack

hi there to all well how i said i came member for get the great lillwasa’s commando (i discovered is port from TFU) but he havent the backpack so please could anyone port his backpack from TFU for me please :smiley: ?

thanks in advance

There’s already a fourum full of TFU stuff.

yeah but he isnt uploaded :frowning: i read it before and on that forum i found lils model

Doesn’t Shotgunguy have the clone commando models almost, of not already, completed?

but they are RC ripped, i need only the backpack from The Force Unleashed Imperial commando :slight_smile:

Well then if they’re not uploaded I’ll go tell him to because theyre are tons of people (including me) who are looking forward to some TFU models.

i dont understand your question xD