The Force Unleashed Models

Im requesting some models now that the Sith Edition hit the pc.

Galem Marek (a.k.a Starkiller)

Juno Ecplise


Thanks on beforehand!

I agree entirely with the OP.
This must be done!

this would be awesome!

Other variations of Starkillers’ suits would be awesome too.This would kick ass!

Any Charitative soul willling to do this?

I don’t remember the Sith Stalker armor having the black body suit

Thats from the new add on.

I kinda liked it without the suit, made it show how mutilated his body had become in the end

Well if someone could get the models then maybe they could get both versions.

With luck

I personally want a Darth Vader model. I know that there’s already one for Gmod, but he looks a little dated and lacks fingerposing.

I love star wars!
Thanks for the models!

Yeah, I’d like some wookies as well.

I support this thread.

How bout all teh Sith that you encounter during the game as well? Darth Phobos for example? :3

Such a shame that, based on the image you posted, the dark side seems to have claimed the butt of Juno Eclipse…

Thats a concept art pic. Not the actual model.

I have the Sith Stalker Helmet if you want it I have it in a .obj format if you can let me know your e-mail address I’ll send it to you.

anyone has any actual work done on this?

Dem titties.