The Forest of Life

Full HD:[/t]


Looks good homie.

You are the master of scene builds. No one comes close. Michelangelo would go holy shit if he saw this^^ Outstanding work:smile:

Those are scenebuilds, right?
You’re a freakin’ winner

Pretty much legendary.

Reminds me of Felucia from Star Wars.

Nicely done!

leaves too pointy 9.9999999/10 it’s ok

Your scenebuilds are always great! Full of atmosphere and character. Keep pumping out quality work, love to see more!

Fantastic as always, Mask!

did you edit that sun ray effect into the pic or was that done with some sort of in-game tool btw

The pics are amazing, as always.

Those scenebuild stuff would be really useful, could I have the link(s) for them?

I was thinking either that, or Pandora in Avatar.

yeah! did this one over night. :slight_smile:
and thanks!

aaall ingame :smiley:
actually it’s a combination between Fog, Color Mod, Bloom, Advanced Lightrays, a volumetric Light effect (lot’s of half transparent planes put next to each other), an extra glow effect for the wide, red tint and last but not least a lamp.
the advanced lightrays also allows you to have a gradient from yellow-ish sun to blue sky.

still working on that pack. want to add more content and variety before releasing it. when it’s done, you’ll defiantely see that thread. :wink:

Can’t wait to see the scenebuilding pack, those pictures are like nothing I’ve ever seen unedited before.


What map did you use for these?

Stiffy360 made a map for me once, which is called “gm_reallydark” … so it’s private.
but basically it’s the biggest size you can create in hammer, with water, native fog support
and no lights for setting up custom lighting.

These scenebuilds are ridiculously good, I applaud you.

That last one remind me of the shivering isles (oblivion).

Its always great to look at your work.

Damn, I’ve been requesting a map like that for ages, but nobody’s released one :v:

ask him if it would be okay to release it

Awesome as always, nice work!