The Forests' Border.



The contrast looks horrible, it’s bright, the graphics look like they’ve not been maxed out, remember if you can’t run the game all the time maxed out just do the posing on low and then max them out before taking the screenshot, Anti-Aliasing is one of those settings you’ll ALWAYS need, out of the areas on that map, the river and that area with the sunshaft have to be the worst.

The posing looks normal, nothing amazing but it doesn’t look shit, it’s the brightness that kills it mostly.

The sunbeams going through the tree kinda ruin it.

the contrast is much too high

I know the contrast is too high AND the picture is very jagged, i’ll need to scheck my settings before I do any posing.

No, the contrast is too low, when you put it up it makes bright parts brighter and dark parts darker, lower it just merges everything into one grey mess.

I think you know your contrast…

This is my log, there are many like it, but this one is mine.

Guy to the right is a NPC, don’t use NPC’s in a pose unless they’re really really really far away.

I especially like the way that the sunrays are piercing the log.

Also, there is a lot of empty space.

^ Those two guys. Focus on them. And fire your graphics up.

He’s actually a dupe, and he wasn’t moving like an NC does.

What’s an NC?

I meant to say “NPC”. oops.