The Forgotten Breencast

Dr Breen talks about things of community interest, in a most unorthodox way.


That would have been great if you equalized and reverbed it to make it sound like it was coming from the speakers

Great job though

Bahahaha Win.

Nice one :smiley:
But the sound is a bit laggy. I loved the end whit the ,Dead peoples olympics"

I was trying to fix that. I tried taking down the texturing to low detail, I tried all sorts of resolutions, I even tried removing surrounding NPC’s and objects, and yet it still lagged when I did it. I think I’ll experiment a bit more before I release another one.

But thanks for the comments.

LOL, nice. Btw, love the blue eye’d avatar

funny. Good jorb.

Yo if you guys liked this, This voice is of a comedian named George Carlin. Just so you know :slight_smile:

He has many many albums which will make you lmao, and I’m happy to see that you chose this comedian for a video clip :stuck_out_tongue:

nice job, gota love George

Thanks. :smiley:

Skinning is fun.

Nice, that almost sounds like Breen. Text to speech right? Those are getting a lot better than old man Sam nowadays

Also, tits for tots, love it.

If by text to speech you mean taking George Carlin’s words and typing them into faceposer to match the actual voice then sure. :wink:

And now that I have found out how to use source recorder flawlessly. I shall now share a better quality version of the forgotten breencast.

I forgot that I still had the .dem around that I could never work properly. Thank god I read more tutorials.

Perfect 10/10. Nice job! :v:

Now, i can say PERFECT!! :smiley: