the Forgotten Voice

some weird ass siren, i dont even

Death by snu snu

Spooky, suberpb work on the weird alien-spook lady-thing.

It’s a nice drawing, but the part where her chin touches/overlaps with the axe really bothers me. The editing is nice, but the composition feels off. They’re all to the right, nothing’s going on on the left, you could cut out 20% from the left and it would focus it better. Maybe even have the snu snu be taller than the soldier, idk.

Watch from 12:30 through 19:00 to see what I mean about the axe.

this is so well executed… exceptional

Amazing, excellent picture.

AWESOME MÄTE. I told you ya will finish it.

Great colors and atmosphere.

Agilor, can we see a speedpaint sometime? For next pose perhaps?

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This video was an awesome watch in all its parts, and the 12:30 mark worded my thoughts about lines and their importance in shape description and perception. This is some next level shit.

iduno, probably not