The Fountain

The idea was funnier in my head. Posted it anyway. Comic makers on FP are lazy mutts.


Hahaha I lol’ed at the second note xD
Have a funny.

I actually laughed at the second note. Lol, nice work.

Thanks guys:)

The “fountain of” jokes can be endless when I think about it.

Thank you for the warning, now ill never drink this fountain again.

It could be a running gag throughout your series of comics. Use it wisely.


The idea is funny, but you really need to improve on your editing and posing.

Fountain of Gay? how is that going to work out

the girl is going to now become a lesbian or a guy faggot? THE SUSPENSE!!

This wasn’t edited outside the game apart from transformation and the sign in the last pic. I know how to pose, I just didn’t think people would like the idea that much and gave it lesser effort. A mistake I will not repeat. Thanks for reminding me:)


If the ideas is worthwhile I will post it.

Lol the horse one was epic.

Way to steal a joke from

(Mild nudity and swearing)

What’s wrong with that? I couldn’t post the cartoon here. Had to make it in GMod. And I build upon it.

Haha, that was great!

Was unexpectedly funny, nice work.

I just looked at a few pages.

@ the slave and his poison cum

and all the other pics

I seldom have laughed at something that hard as I did that site. I just had to use something of it in GMod. The king and the wizard is pretty hilarious to.