The Four Horsemen


Pretty cool.

Devastated by the horrible music though. I was hoping it’d be something more awesome, like this:

Thread music

musical tastes differ

no lets use nickelback to accompany our hipster filter

i expected metallica

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that would’ve been cool

Who’s who? You can easily recognize War, but what about the others?



The fun part is, not even experts are quite certain about who is who.
Some say the one on the white horse represents Conquest, others say it is famine or even the plague.
Quite some differences.
(Just an FYI) :wink:

Anyway …
Nice pic and this time the G-Mod is easily recognizable.

What’s so funny about that? >:

On closer analysis, I have determined it is actually three horsemen and one horsewoman.

J Cash… is where its at :hfive:

Yeah. The Four Horsemen is a kick ass song.

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This song is what the image needs. Fuck the rest. :v:

Left to right: pale horseman, red, black and white.

I just found it funny how Zerax went “Omfg the title is Four Horsemen so this must be about Metallica and not the Book of Revelations!”

I just expected it cuz it seemed like a kind of obvious choice.

That’s what I meant :buddy:

Now that’s a one clusterfuck of random shit right here. No offence.

Well Metallica is more important than the Book of Revelations… :v:

Just sayin’

Why do I feel Christians just got unfairly treated again?

Because they just did :razz: