The FP Mapping Tinychat Room

So I’ve just got this idea of a room where we could all broadcast our mapping,help out each other or share some mapping knowledge.
You don’t need to have a web cam since you’ll only have to record your screen.
If you can’t set the source to your screen then download this little driver here:
After installing it ,you should be able to select it.

The room:

A thoughtful addition, maybe it will work.

The quality is pretty crap, but this is a good idea.

Quality is reasonable,you can’t really expect hd quality while streaming.

Nah it’s not great (you can’t read the text on anyone elses screen for one), and the amount of dsktop you can share is limited to a fairly small area (I’m using a 1680x1050 monitor as my main) and damned if I’m using my hammer on a smaller screen to show you all what’s going on. I

Well I use Webcammax for full screen might as well try it out.

Mmm, that still doesn’t fix the issue of not being able to see what you were saying as I watched you type out a rply to the above post. (In other words if I were trying to help someone they wouldn’t be able to see anything entity properties wise or texturename wise.

I still support this highly if you can up the quality.

Is it gone or is it just me?

It’s on atm so feel free to join.

Isn’t there a way to keep it up all the time?

We should have a Steam group.


There was one already, fpmappers.

Link? I typed in but got nothing.


Nevermind it just worked. :v:

It’s up.JOIN FFS

If it’s not open 24/7 or at least at regular times, you will struggle to get people on it.

Anybody can create it so if someones got the time and willing then say.