The "Free Man" Plan.

I don’t always put multiple ragdolls in a photo,

but when i do, i spent a full day doing it :v:

also my 50th Artwork on steam, yay.


And you still need to tone down the opacity on your shadow brush

Ok i’m sorry :c

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I mean, i know i really suck on shadowing but i still can’t get the perspective of the opacity, i’m really sorry :c

An Homage to the Leak game that never happened officially?

Glad to see someone capted the 50% of the photo :3

I was going to put a Beta Weapon on the left side (where the crate is) but i forgot, in any way the OICW rifle it’s enough and some beta citizens/rebels too, so yeah :smiley:

Man this stuff is neat, so much old hl2 nostalgia.

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How come there are like 20 people viewing this page right now?!?!

what in the names of guests and users.

y u guys dont left a comment or calification? :c

Thanks btw :3

It was strange, like 9 people and 11 guests. Did you link the thread somewhere or something? Maybe that’s why that happened.