The Free Republic - Serious Roleplay

[release][h2]What is it?[/h2]
The Free Republic is a zombie-apocalypse roleplay. The server revolves around two factions who co-exist, the United States Marine Corps, and the Free Republic. The Free Republic has chosen too refuse the USMC’s aide and exist within a section of the city that is more hostile but enables them to defend themselves without relying on the Corps resources. The USMC controls a section of the city that is free from zombies and is the last remaining barricade in the region, it is able to house survivors and provide medical treatment and food to those who need it.
[release][h2]Server Info[/h2]
Map: rp_silenthill
Gamemode: Tiramisu
Location: Europe
The server will download these for you, but It is recommended that you download them first.

[h2]Final Notes[/h2]
I know the theme has been done to death, but I quite like it and from my experience there has never been a dull moment when I’ve played. The Admin Team I have are great, and thats something thats hard to come by. However if you do see abuse I’d appreciate it if you report it to me, because I’d like to sort it out and make sure that this community has a reputation for being professional and of high-standard.

Nice, will check out.

Working on the forums, for now the server is running.

This looks pretty good, I’ll check it out later.

Forums are up, i’ll attempt to get it working with Tiramisu shortly.

Well we’ve got 4 online for now, and we are establishing the Free Republic Faction

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Possibly changing map to rp_apocalypse, discussing with other admins.

I guess nobody seems to be interested in this. I’ll keep it up but I wish it got more of a response.

Looks interesting, sad to see your giving up, I had hope for the huge sprout of tiramisu servers coming up.

Well I’m not giving up just yet, I’m still hoping some might find it interesting, we’ve got a nice little roleplay going on at the moment.

Changed map to rp_apocalypse so we can support more factions.

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Establishing the Free Republic’s main city.

My heart stopped for a second when I saw that, but then I noticed

Anyways, I’m glad to see some more Tiramisu servers coming up, I just hope it won’t end up as another mass-MISSused gamemode.

I’m quite confused? What do you mean?

He thought you posted a local ip (192.168.x.x) …at least that’s what I’m guessing.

By the way, you’re on my friends list Tornado. I used to play MeteorNet with you so this might be good.

What is needed to start-up a faction that would receive gear? (As in suits later on after rply making them or such.)

A location and a storyline to back-up where you found the gear. Also you’d have to make sure you give me model packs for the gear and what not unless you plan on using default hl2 models.

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By location, I meant location for your faction, as in where you’d be located on the map. Without that your just a group of roaming bandits doing nothing.

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Also I forgot to mention that OOC is currently broken so LOOC will have to be used, i’ve expanded it’s range so it should reach everybody in the map.

If this weekend we can get more then 10 players on, I’m deciding to keep this up, but right now it’s a dead server for 5 days straight.

I’ma coming.

I took the server down for a short test, will be back up within 10-20 minutes.

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It’s back up.