The freeman returns in his epic battle.

Vote freeman or he will fuck your shit up.

Click here, and vote for freeman.

You stole my idea!
Oh wait… not entirally, i said i will make a thread like this AFTER the Freeman has prevailed.

ass bad

Gordon must pwn! Tho I think that stupid supermario wins.

Link’s a fag anyway.

(User was banned for this post ("Homophobia" - Benji))

Freeman is winning so far…yeah freeman!

Down with Link.
I’ll rage if Gordon Yesman fails. :frowning:

Lets see whos cooler.

Link = Wears a skirt with a pantyhose’s
Gordon = Wears armor that detects radiation and heals him.

link = Swords, bows, bombs, and a boomerang…
Gordon = Crowbars, Gravity Gun, RPG, nades, smg1,ar2, shotty, pistol, 357 and antlions (bug bait required)

gordon obviously supremes over link…



Link = orgasmic boy sounds (ewwww)
gordon = manly HUMAN! drown/damage sounds…

Link = horrid proportions that don’t translate well into real life.

Gordon = looks like an average guy.

Y’know, we need a sequel to this picture once we defeat Link, showing Gordon walking away from Link’s broken body, only to look up and see a giant Mario towering over him, to which Gordon smirks.

FP is so full of racist prejudices, gordon is no way better than link and link is no way better than gordon, your empty brains just make it so , because it fits more your american “i like to blow shit up wearing glasses cuz im kewl lawl” style or the asian " i like fantasy and elves and shitz " style. You just aren’t keen enough to differenciate two things.

By the way these pictures are horrible.

(User was banned for this post ("This isn't constructive criticism" - Benji))

You’re horrible.


I like peanuts.

Freeman’s back in the lead!

For all Freeman propaganda threads UP WITH THE FREEMAN!

^Picture music.

Nice job, makes freeman more awesome than possible

LOL NICE Battle.