The Frenchman and the Russian

As the Russian falls into Doc’s arms. pain surging through his nerves, They both notice a deep love…

(woah that was edgy, But then again who doesn’t love Doc)

and we all notice a fisheyed camera and bad colour banding

Do you think you can give me tips? Anything to help improve in the future?

Zoom in, try to avoid image compression when possible, and try using more then one lamp to illuminate the scene. And maybe putting something in the background. A ruined building, some other guys in a firefight, whatever. Anything else then just plain black.

Thanks! Also how can I fix the compression so the image isn’t so fuzzy?

The Spy and the Heavy

When taking the picture, use “poster” command in the console to render it out as a larger image, and then shrink it down. When you’re done, export from your image editing software as a jpeg with 100% quality.

You can specify a number by which the resolution will be multiplied.
I usually go with “poster 3” (without quotation marks obviously).
Beware, it’ll yield a hugehungamofucka .tga file in your screenshot folder, so, if your comp is on the weaker side, it may occasionally crash your Photoshop or GIMP.
You’re fine as long as you’re not running a total potato tho.