The Fringe

I am not the best mapper in the world. But I am taking a shot at this. I am sure a lot of you are familliar with “The Fringe” from The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, Shivering Isles Expansion.

Truth be told, I don’t know really if I will finish the map or not. I suck, at landscape like hills, etc.

My Version


As you can easily point out, the stairs aren’t curved quite enough I might fix that later, and it isn’t perfectly exact. But Hell, so far so good right? However I am severely stumped on the roof to the gates of madness, I mean seriously. I know you can’t get a perfect curve, (I am talking about left to right) because obviously on another angle you can see how many sides there are. But how the middle part curves up, I have no idea how to do that and make it look good. I mean you can’t make it perfect but I want it to atleast look good. If any of you have suggestions on how to build that roof good I am willing to take some. But so far, I have the gates of madness. I am planning on doing ALL of “The Fringe”, which includes: “The Gates of Madness”, “The Garden of Bone and Flesh”, “Passwall”, and The ruins (can’t remember its name.).

Looks Great, Get it finished.

Thanks, this is going to take me a long time so don’t expect it anytime soon. My plans might change where I won’t do ALL of “The Fringe”. But ill see how things go.

First off, please, in-games shots next time. And as for the roof, I guess you just have to be good with making arches and vertex manipulation.


Ok, Arches, Manipulation, Displacements. Ill take a shot with those.

For a second there I thought that the oblivion version was GoldSource.

…that’s a good thing.

GoldSource? Never heard of it.

The Displacement method to re-create the roof was BRILLIANT. It is obviously better than what I was trying. Even though it looks like crap on the other side, on the side that you actually see in the map looks good. Thanks a lot! Ill post a picture of the roof when I get it touched up a bit.

GoldSource is the Half-Life 1 engine.


My favorite line.

Ha, yea Sheogorath was full of awesome lines.

“Aye, I can feel my mind slippin’, its like im not here anymore, like im someplace else. But im not too much over there to not be here!”

I have some good news and some terrible news.

Good News - The roof looks brilliant with the displacement, but hey who is going to notice ALL the flaws when you can’t get to the top of the Gates of Madness anyway? I mean if you go into noclip to look at it sure it will slap you in the face with flaws. But from afar it looks really good.

Bad News - My computer “Roscoe P. Jangles The 2nd” died yesterday of viruses, luckily I saved my files onto a thumbdrive, unfortunatly I didn’t save the roof so I am going to have to re-make the roof, if I fix my PC or whenever I get a new one. Right now I get the blue screen of death on startup for regular and safe mode. I can’t even freakin format right now. So I am screwed at the moment. The progress on the map is put on a hold unfortunatly. I will be back shortly hopefully. :slight_smile:

That’s a shame :frowning:

You actually had some progress on this.

I know right. Well luckily I saved the map.

I am trying to work on my pc trying to find a way to fix it. So hopefully it won’t take too long.

Those textures!

They’re buring my eyes!

Seriously, you need custom textures on that.


Aaaaahhh, Mr. Blue Screen.

That fucker tormented my PC for months!


It even made the fan spin up loads, which trust me, when it happens for the first time, is kinda scary.

Have you tried booting into an Ubuntu LiveCD and copying out everything you need?

Worst comes to worst, have your Windows installation disk ready. first try running command prompt with:

sfc /scannow

to clean up the Windows folder and replace any system files that may have been infected with viruses

If nothing else works, copy everything you have on the computer and format/reinstall windows. You will have to download programs again, but you will be 100% virus free.


if you need to format, grab GParted

You are probably right, but custom textures are not my specialty especially from another game.
Just see an example. My only public release map that I have made.

I have Vista which I have really no problem with but I have talked with some people that have seen this problem before. (I didn’t describe everything so don’t make a judgment on what I have said.) I need Windows XP Installation with Service Pack 2 or Windows 7.

But enough of my problems if you have any suggestions or comments on the map feel free to tell me. So lets get back on topic. :slight_smile:


Well I got my computer up and running again. Off to work.

Ok so I used the displacement method. It works like a charm. Like I said before, you can’t get close to the roof anyways without using noclip so you can’t really see the problems unless you do that.

I am not the best with displacement I still have to work on it, but as long as I have the basic structure for now then it is fine. Usually once I have everything on the map done I go through fixing the problems last.

Terrible texture right? Doesn’t match. Well like I said before, basic structure first, touchups last. What would be awesome is if I could import the textures from Oblivion, I would have to look into that. But theres the roof it looks ok, I don’t know what I should start on next.

You should pick a green texture for the roof. It looks bad at the moment.

Yea I know, I am going to fix textures later but ill take a look at possible replacements right now.


Ok after hours of work I managed to get my hands ahold of the Oblivion Textures.

As you can see the Roof has its original texture from Oblivion as well as the stone on the ground and the stone on the lower wall. I don’t have all the textures applied yet, I will have to work with them some more. But I think the new roof textures defenantly made the roof look better. However up close you can CLEARLY see the flaws.