I was wondering if someone could make her.

I’d love them as well. But I don’t think anyone has ever managed to port anything from the ps3 mgs

O.o lol wut? I have .obj files of FF13 heroes. But i didn’t know where from there. PS3 or XBOX 360.

Wait…are you saying you can or can’t get models from the ps3?

I’ve don’t think that anyone on facepunch can. It’s from XBOX 360

So? You can port models from Xbox 360 games all the same.

Oh, not what I meant. There was a slight misunderstanding. I had in mind that the models in obj that I have ported to the XBOX and not the PS3

I remember seeing a post somewhere that porting from the ps3 is indeed possible but apparently alot of work doesn’t go very far for the models being ported.

wait for MGS Rising it’ll be on the PC and might be possible to rip from.
And from MGSR trailer it looks like the FROGS might be in it as similarly
suited/designed npc were in it.
though no Old snake unfortunately only Raiden…
unless its an unlockable player online r sumthin…

Sorry for off topic but mgs rising is gonna kick ass

Also I think waiting for it is probably the best option for now.