The Fumples Song.

Turn yo woofers up.


whilst I can appreciate the cinematography, I feel the subject matter is an unnecessary and harsh jab at one of our most valued and respected members.


only kiddin lmao it owned

You needed me


This is fucking dope yo, I’d pay to see this shit live, fuck.

Also, for people who didn’t get the joke:


I didn’t care enough to figure out the vector graphics ok

basically that

Despite being permanently banned by that Nazi Cunt grea$emonkey, I have come to you for this:
Great movie, I liked the catchy music.Just have one question though, if you’re a moderator,
shouldent you be encouraging people to not troll, maybe? The problem with this forum is the disorganization.
Seeing this video makes me dissappointed to know how immature things have gotten. The day I see the moderators trolling members is the day we need to start over.
*Solution, unban everyone and replace the people in charge. By the way, this is Kurit. when you ban me you’re not blocking my IPaddress, you’re blocking other people’s. Think of it as you fucking over potential Facepunch members.

This is fantastic

I love it when mods do this kind of shit, t’s really funny

Nice one, I wish to see more.

best video ever

also can we have lyrics plz

It’s got a good tune. What exactly motivated you into making this about this Fumples guy?

Welcome to Facepunch. Our moderators are immature and can’t handle mean comments about their videos. Enjoy your stay.

However the backing track was quite nice

Thanks for the welcome. Why do you say that?

Lol, it wasn’t really a welcome, I wasn’t aware you were new :L
I say this because it’s true my friend…

TH89, do you have a weird fetish with Fumples? Or do you just like making videos about him, so you can imagine it’s him, and then proceed to spank yo’ monkey?

Oh, alright.

Do you want to fight? I’ll fight you.

So fumples made a reply video it seems