The Fun House Oxide, [PVP]/Sleepers/1/2Craft/Removetool/Economy/HomeTP

If you are tired of abusive admins and hackers then look no further. Our admins play legit and are here to help. We listen to the community, so we are willing to add or remove plugins. If that sounds like a community that you would like to be a part of then hit F1 and type net.connect
Thanks and have fun. nates49

This week 5/2/14
Special Starter kit:
1000 Wood Planks
5 Metal Doors
5 Large Wooden Storage
1 Sleeping Bag
250 9mm Ammo
250 Shotgun Shells
1 P250
1 Shotgun
And last but not least
1 Supply Signal.

This server is awesome i recommend it to any rusters out there its alot of fun! See u in the server!

Nice server most people are nice, the staff are nice also

My favorite server and server owner so far by a mile. No abuse and loyal players. Just the right mix and friendly and pvp.

This server is a great server.No abusing admins.The server owner does everything within reason to help people out.

yes, if you are stuck in the map, or something like that they will help you. if there is a hacker, they take care of it asap, unlike other servers i have played on.

Still growing and looking for more players. The starter kit is still going on.

We have switched service providers to decrease lag and down time. Come check us out.

Great server. Have been to many servers looking for one with a proper active admin and finally found one here. Community is really friendly if u need help always someone willing to help. 10/10!!