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Hi there fellow Garrysmod players, i was playing Gmod 8 with my friend today, we started tuning cars :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, I’ve Started new Series what shows the cars i’ve made =) Feedback plz, remember, this is my first car i’m posting. This picture shows the car from several directions, The original name of the car is Palikka Buugelis 2K5 (kinda Finnish :D, dont ask) So as u can see from the roof image, i forgot to change the letters ><!!!1

Well ENJOY :confused: i hope u like it :stuck_out_tongue: if u do, i will post more car pictures. -= Feedback, remember >=) =-

no comments 2/5

Nice creativity. But don’t see much point. 6/10 for creativity

uhm, what the fuck is it? pointless

One crap thread after another…

horrible 0/10


…why the fuck are you commenting on all the 5 year old pics mister. Gtfo.

Why did you bump this again?