The funniest thing you've ever heard in gmod?

of course you’ll hear very much weird stuff in Garry’s mod because it is a game where everything is possible (and much poeple like to do pointless things in it) so what is the weirdest,funniest or most drunk thing you ever heard in Garry’smod (text chat is also under the “Heard”)

[lua]this is what a nine year old asked on a deathrun server
Does cum come out of my nose?
Can i eat vagina’s?
does an asshole have eyes?
he got on that idea’s because some drunk guys were having a chat


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The funniest thing I’ve heard is some Parent in the background yelling Drake! You left shit in your underwear!

It was the best!

Some kid said that AIDS turns you into a zombie.

Some 9 year old kid yelled “FUCK YOU BITCH NO!!!” when I asked him if I could nuke his shitty box for a house.

I nuked it anyways.

You know that old pedo from family guy? Some guy joined on my server and and talked on mic but everything and anything he said sounded !EXACTLY! as the old pedo guy, and i asked him “How do you do that!” and he’s like “Just takes a bit ‘o’ practice young man… mmmmmmmmm”

ok, that is the best so far

when some guy joined the spacebuild server i was on and he screamed out how epic these ships where and he called the served epic spacebuild, and the funniest thing was that there were no epic ships there just small ones

Probably the time somebody said “/votecop” on a random Sandbox server I was on. And then bitched why Votecop didn’t work.

U suk u fat nigga

Similar to MattyK’s, I was on the TnB RP server and I said the votecop command was with 3 slashes. And of course // was OOC command, so 3 slashes meant STUPID GUY(OOC):/votecop. Well I did the joke so it was funny for me.

Typical idiots doesn’t have PHX.

The last 2 made me just go ‘…bannage’

So true.

I don’t remember anything but I know I’ve had some pretty good times on Gmod.

I nominate this post for POTY 09. Epic win.

uuuuuuuuh o i no this guy could make remix songs and u that anoying highschool musical song get yo head in da game well hechanged it and it said im gonna bitch slap u im gonna bitchbitchabitcha bitch slap u!!! well then it said get yo mouth on my cox getchagetchagetcha mouthon my cox!!! ya! it was so hilarious

Can someone translate this for me? D: