The Fury

Flame and smoke edit, embers and over-all sexify-ing goes to ninja nub.

On the topic of astronauts… RIP Niel Armstrong :(.

he mad
he real mad

gowna burn you up


I am the Fury… The flames of my rage will incinerate you! I came back from space, and as I returned, I had one vision… the world set ablaze! And do you know what I saw? Fury! A great and terrible fury at being alive! Now you will feel the scorching heat of that horrible blackness!

Thought of a ME3 related picture. Glad I was wrong. I dig this soooo much!

…my name is John Madden.

Love it, he was such an insane boss.

That is hot.


Nice work, i really like it.

Expected me.

That is some mighty fine lighting and editing.