The Fury


Not entirely happy at how this came out. Editing smoke is hard :v:

Christ, what is that thing!
Looks badass, but yea the smoke could be a lot better.

Smoke is a tad weird, but those are some fucking awesome jet flames.

Suppose It’s okay, nothing wrong with it.

Expect the Furyness. Gonna be hard taken that sucka down.

Now that’s pretty fucking sweet. Fury was always my favorite Cobra. Good work man.

This is a model inspired by a Metal Gear Solid 3 boss named “the fury”.

Very nice pic <3

Would look better if he actually held the flamer with both of his hands, since the weight is obviously mostly on the front part of the flamer and if one would hold it like that, one would have a dislocated wrist.

Or at least he could have a belt for the flamer so it would make sense.

Thats an epic skin…did you make it or download it?

I wanna get it for my TF2 pyro

The smoke isn’t so good, but because of the nature of the picture it kinda fits.

Is that jetpack a model or you made it yourself? Either way, its awesome!

Lol, nice recreation.

great work i <3 it :smiley:

Whenever I hear about the cobra team I always think of


Nice picture.

Also, I found a link for the fury skin :

Oh wow makes me want to rebuy the game :frowning: