The Future of all Illegal Downloaders. (Pirates)

Yes it was intended to look like this, definitely NOT fuck you.

In the near future, SAS teams will storm your house, kill your family, smash your computer, and shoot you in the face. Only if your a pirate, that is.

*I wanted to take a break from making scenes that seem serious.



New ones, which I think are better.

1 Original

2 Edited

“You wouldn’t steal a sack of shit”

Just because I can

That speaker is stacked on the TV really weird.

Yeah, I changed it in the second pic.

you WILL suck my dick

what’s with the guitar amp

i like the last pic. Btw were did you get that sas model?

i meant how did you get the cs go sas without the wonky arms?

Big Brother is watching you

they’re gonna watch us through our Kinects

That’d be ‘only’ a genocide.

nice i get to reuse this

how do you even smoke a cigar through a gas mask?

I think the feds mainly focus on uploaders. <- Here.
I changed the .phy file for the SAS pack so they are posable.

Well that’s not a very nice way to get people to view your pictures

Check again.

Pretty sure that’s a guitar amp.

Perhaps he was using it as a weapon, like ye old mob bosses used to do.

Last picture gets me every single time. He’s on YouTube, haha.