The Future of Garry's Mod

Christ, is anyone else just really getting bored with this game? I haven’t been able to find any good models, and the ones I do find either don’t work properly, or get boring after a few days. We really need some new, good models. Maybe someone should port stuff from the Witcher, or Ghostbusters. Fable, that’s on that has nice ports, or Bioshock, Plasmid hasn’t updated that thread in two years! All I’m saying is that I’m getting a little disappointed, there aren’t enough good models out there anymore.

Oh gawd, shitstorm incoming.

Then you’re not looking good enough.


You are DEFINITELY not looking good enough:

I just looked on the first page of the releases section and something tells me you’re using this as an excuse to request things.

He is definitely requesting. Someone shank him, I’m outta here.

Awesome Haxxer is being awesome.

True words, my friend.

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You shouldn’t say you’re disappointed. People are constatntly working and releasing stuff.

You get bored of shit in a few days? Get new shit. Shit is shit? Well shit.

Quality “shit” takes time. Deal with it. Instead of whining, you could assist the people working on models and addons as you can, and maybe it would be more often that a new release is made.

Also, getting bored fast means that you lack creativity and fantasy.

I’m sorry for being rude, but these type of threads upset me.

Try to port something for yourself, you will not be bored, I promise.

highly doubt he can do it.

Words to live by. sniffle

I have never gotten bored of this game for about moar than 3 years

‘nobody is porting the models i want ported so it means gmod is dying’

Where’s the logic in that? If you’re getting bored of gmod, go play something else. There’s no evidence to suggest it’s dying.

Your argument is an invalid.

So… I made a resume of this: “Buaaaaah, buaaaaah. I need attention”. Close enough to the original, in my opinion.

He’s right guys Plasmid hasn’t updated his thread in two years.

Also Moustacheman just to let you know that Plasmid’s thread isn’t a thread where he ports things to Garry’s Mod, he just grabs the models and textures and hands them over to people who decide on what they’d like to do with them.

Ah, well, thanks Haxxer.
Also, I didn’t want to sound like a whiny prick, I’m just getting a little tired of the wait (and my inability to port). Plasmid promised the multiplayer models, and hasn’t released them. And I’m tired of the Mass Effect shit. Anyways, thanks for actually reading this.

Are you out of your mind?
GMod has a shitload of models from almost every
game out there. From Assassins Creed to X-Men,
from Alice to Velvet Assassin. The quality of the
models depends on the Guy who ported it but most
of them are high quality. My GMod folder is filled with
a total size of 55GB of models alone. And i don’t even
use fakefactorys textures (anymore).
Go and make a cool Batman pic … or Sonic or some
Mortal Kombat / My Little Pony Crossover of some sort.
The possibilities are (almost) endless.

There wasn’t much love for models I was interested in back then, so I learned how to port them myself.

You should try learning when you have the time. You won’t be disappointed.

I have no idea why IM brought into this or what things i promised to release but your thread is a joke.

I don’t know if I’m offended or happy that someone has actually fucking realised that.

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Thanks ooga, I’ll try.

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It’s actually, now that I looked at toybox, HALF OF THE FUCKING MODELS ARE PONIES, GOD FUCKING SHIT! And also this thread was a slight joke/troll.

In my full interest, I mostly did this because of mind dulling boredom one day. Decided to gripe about something, got bored again. I’m going to learn how to port now.

This. It takes a while to learn but it’s not impossible.

This guy knows what he’s talking about.