The Future of

To my knowledge I don’t think any plans have ever been made to do anything with since it was made redundant after g(arrys)mod 13. People still seem to be using it however so I was just interested to see what other people thought about its future, what should be done with it next etc.

Personally I think it should by now have been put down of redirected to the workshop because of the people still using it but really because most of the usefull stuff it did have has already been reuploaded. I’m sure a huge terabyte torrent could be made like there was for toybox could be made and then the thing just shut off to stop its use in illegal copies etc etc all that stuff.

**But what do other people think it could be used for, if at all?

I know its not the most thrilling of topics but I thought it would be good to have some general discussion in the general discussion section rather than the normal wrong section threads and random drama etc.

We could just keep it and let it be the way it is since it’s not bothering anyone or anything.

We could stop people uploading to it, and fix and convert to Gmod13 format to preserve work :slight_smile:

Well the storage to my knowledge costs a fortune and continued use of it doesn’t help that, at the same time its all about getting people on the same page for consistency and all that. Its also not really used as much as it was looking at some of the download counts (if that feature even works anymore). I just think there are many better uses it could have as an official link.

In some cases I think everything that ever was has been already. As for other things, if they haven’t already I get them impression they weren’t very good or aren’t loved enough to be worth while in gmod13.

if the storage cost was so huge that the owner of the site thought it wasn’t worth keeping it open, don’t you think it would have already been taken down? A lot of people still use it for downloading and uploading things.

Garry owns it and has run it for yonks. I can’t remember where it was but im sure the only reason it still does exist is so people could take things and get them on the workshop. There is no reason why people would or should upload to seen as they would get far more exposure from workshop seen as its tied so well in game. At the same time I don’t see why people download from it either, clearly people never read the upload date because in the top downloads (although only 11 people) is a gamemode framework from more then 1000 days ago (2+ years).

I’m pretty sure garry can afford to keep it open as long as he wants.

What’s the point of burning money on something you yourself already replaced.

In my opinion, garry could move all the files, including the website to a different path ( or something). Recode the website (lots of features are broken atm) and people could start uploading gm13 stuff.

I personally am not that frugal. I burn money on crap I don’t need all the time because the cost is often not that noticeable to me. The site might cost hundreds to keep up, but garrys is most likely making shitloads more than that. I know that if I was in garry’s shoes, I would just forget about it and worry about other things as opposed to taking down the site.

I don’t think that would be a priority for garry. He has a lot of other stuff he probably wants/needs to work on.

Im coming at this from the perspective that the reason we have workshop is because it was a better replacement for and therefore it is redundant, clearly other people are trying to give an argument for why should still be used. TBH I think the decision on that has been made, I really was aiming based on that decision what it should be used for instead.

Clearly in general there is some confusion as to what actually i going on :stuck_out_tongue:

-snip double post-

Yes you were asking for what it should be used for instead and we are saying there shouldnt be something else. It should stay the way it is or it should be cleaned up so people can upload gmod13 stuff.

Well in that case, why should it be cleaned up.

Uh… wouldn’t that almost completely circumvent the whole purpose of the workshop?

Right now, it’s very useful as a backlog for stuff, particularly some that hasn’t been put up in Workshop yet. Besides, the Workshop is pretty hard to navigate as it is right now, whereas with it was easy to find what you were looking for most of the time.

I think it should stay for now as it is. I feel like the Workshop still needs work, maybe get some limitations (e.g. removing the ability to upload saves), and works as an alternative.

Kind of of topic, but is it down? I can’t go on it to download those starcraft 2 models (queue “late” ratings)

Its not working for me but,


I hope it’s kept as a record or something, there’s still some good stuff that isn’t on workshop, I would hate for it to be lost forever.
Anyone else keep seeing sex poses in the duplicator tab?

uploading the source code? and it would be quicker than downloading from workshop then going through a decompiler