The Future of's Fate......

Hi guys newbie (i admit) here. I’m here not going to spoil ur feelings but this is true.

As Garry has released toybox for Gmod 12 and later moved to Steam Workshop for the upcoming Gmod 13, there is still one more custom content provider he needs to think about. has been everyone’s favourite website (of course there’s gamebanana, filefront and more…) to download mods, maps, SWEPS and many many more since it come to all of us, but now it’s a legacy soon to be forgotten by us.

I didn’t mean to say “Hey Garry I hate Steam Workshop its c*y" or " Hey Toybox ss!!” it is great but i think some custom content creator are still not getting used to the new custom content deployment method and are still dedicated to Also, Garry couldn’t just left behind.

FYI, I’ve witness the changes of ever since I heard of Garry’s Mod and I just…love it, love to go to that site and download their content and always will be my first stop for Gmod custom content. But right now I’m doubting how long it will last and when it will change…

So to all users of Facepunch and Garrys Mod players, do you think still stand a second chance to be our favourite gmod custom content download website

Well, i hope so! Now all server owners can download their plugins from, but how is this gonna work in the future with Gmod13 ?

Also, a lot of plugins on wont work, because the code has changed a lot. No Anti-no-clip, multi-weld, no wiremod (i think?)…

the best way i think is to restart the website with addons for Gmod13.

… There has been addons for GMOD 9 and it worked for the current version of garry’s mod.

Think it.

It took me surprisingly long to decipher these two.

Good, maybe now there won’t be an endless stream of re-skinned/duplicate rag-dolls and weapons.

Did you actually just censor “crappy” and “sucks”?

And yeah physical downloads of content will always have precedence over ingame downloads.

Just to clarify, this is an Internet forum. You don’t need to censor any words like bullshit or sucks or crappy or any other words.

I say disable all uploading, but leave it up and allow downloading, and put a big banner across the top that says it may not work in GMod 13 etc

He’s either 10 or REALLY appropriate.

Censoring something doesn’t magically make it more appropriate. . .its still there.

I hope it does get shut down, but putting it on download-only seems like a better idea.

Then the ancient stuff from GM9-era wouldn’t be lost.


I thought the main reason to switching over to workshop is that Garry doesn’t need to pay for the bandwith anymore which apparantly was quite expensive.

just to clarify, i’m 17 lol

just to clarify, 17 year old people don’t act like that, lol


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i’m fear of being banned

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maybe but he now be earning a lot of money to pay for the server cost

fortunately for you, youve yet to meet a 37 year old woman who goes around referring to genitalias as chi-chis

you’re going to be banned for swearing?

what forum do you think you’re on?

a forum with serious and crazy admins…

you can swear as much as you bloody want to here
so you can just tick ~inappropriate language~ off that list of reasons for you to feel insecure about the moderation on fp