The future of Rust

Things need to have more consequences from the choices we make, and limit players further. What I mean by this is using items.
-When players use a medkit, they should take time and require both hands to use it as well as move slower to apply the darn thing - no weapons firing.
-Depending on how big the food is (granola bar vs steak) eating food should be the same, requiring 2 handed weapons and sometimes one handed weapons be put away.
-Certain items should require a character to be immobile when crafting. I don’t know anyone who can just shuck logs into planks on the move while holding an M4.
-Most of the items people craft should take less time to craft - like walls and foundations.
**HOWEVER, these items should require the character to have an install time where they sit immobilized, and installing the item.
**Upon completion of installing, the item appears. This would make raiding more of an actual challenge and give defenders an actual fighting chance.
-Inventory space needs to be greatly reduced. When people can cram almost 3 crates worth of items in their butthole as naked spawns, something is wrong.
**people should not be able to take 20 of their best items and just log off when being raided. limited inventory would solve this.
-More utility items:
*decoy grenades
*smoke grenades
*radios that can be dropped on the ground and serve as a decoy
**trip wires
**bear traps
**trap doors
**gun’s trigger connected to door by a string (small explosive to temporarily disable the lock instead of destroying whole door)

As a new spawn, being able to log off during a raid is the only way I have managed to save my stacks of wood and metal while someone is pickaxeing down my wooden door on my shack.

So it should take more time to eat something but less time to build a wall? How bout the fact that you can carry over 6000 logs but can not carry like 200 bandages

Yeah, the inventory is a bit weird in the stacks and resources it can and cannot hold. I do think some crafting however could be shortened.

I much enjoy the ideas of traps and adding realism to the game, but how do we implement these ideas are the real question. (If the community agrees )